Top 10 Backend Frameworks In 2023: Which One Is The Best?

Top 10 Backend Frameworks In 2023: Which One Is The Best?

Unlike SQL databases, NoSQL databases are good at storing unstructured data like texts, photos, videos, and PDF files. They also tend to be better about scaling up read-only operations. That said, each NoSQL database is different, and they’re all designed to optimize for specific things that you wouldn’t necessarily get out of a standard SQL database. MariaDB is used by a smaller percentage of developers – just 17.9%. It has an interesting history – back when Oracle was acquiring MySQL, a bunch of developers got worried about what that would mean for one of the most relied-upon SQL databases.

What is backend example

Alternatively, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers like Heroku or Back4app Containers offer a more straightforward approach. You can deploy your code on the ready-to-use platform, and the PaaS provider takes care of the infrastructure and scaling. Hopefully, the top backend technologies we explained above would help backend tech developers in making the right decision.

Why use a backend framework?

This means your site will now have to store information about products, purchases, user profiles, credit cards, and more. If you want easy recruiting from a global pool of skilled candidates, we’re here to help. Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and prepared for impactful careers in tech. Please check the Best 10 Mobile App Hosting Providers that will accelerate your time to market. Scala is a high-level language that combines object-oriented & functional programming to make it more concise. This concept of classes or object-oriented programming was missing in C language.

  • These technologies interact with the front-end, often using APIs, to form a full technology stack.
  • Backend developers often use SQL to communicate between relational databases.
  • They are very similar technologies, but many developers agree with me that Postgres is simply the more modern solution.
  • It prioritizes ease of use and convenience by providing default solutions for everyday problems.
  • Still, they will need to manage servers and watch the servers around the clock.
  • To keep your site secure, you shouldn’t give that same level of access to all other users.

The frontend is everything a user sees and interacts with when they click on a link or type in a web address. The web address is also known as at URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, and it tells what webpage should load and appear in your browser. Fortunately, you can become a back-end developer without a degree by taking classes and learning on your own.

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As a result, it can be customized to meet specific use cases and enjoys support from a dedicated developer community. As a result, a preference for Python problem-solving is essential. I was wondering if anyone can compare/contrast the differences between frontend, backend, and middleware (“middle-end”?) succinctly. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most.

What is backend example

Hereof, it has the ability to scale horizontally and vertically in the meantime. Cloud Functions — It is very smooth to adjoin business logic with your application while using Back4App. In this regard, you can rely on JavaScript and connect it with authentication and a database.

What is Frontend?

Software engineers oversee much of the software development lifecycle, including the planning, delegations, design, and implementation. They may code the software requested by organizations or identify problems and develop solutions. These professionals work in many major industries, including computer systems design, manufacturing, publishing, management, and insurance. The amount of back-end development courses available in a bachelor’s program varies. Usually, when you hire a web developer to set up your server-side, they use the server offered by your web-hosting company. Web developers will set up the server to handle specific requests from your website’s unique IP address, and they will also set up a link between the frontend and server-side.

What is backend example

A backend technology is anything used server-side to build stable and efficient web architectures. Back-end technologies include programming languages, databases, communication mechanisms, or frameworks that make up the building blocks of a web application’s back-end. If you are looking for a backend solution written in PHP7, CakePHP is the best  back-end solution.

Skills You Need to Become a Backend Developer

The back-end application handles the business logic necessary for buttons, forms, and other interactive functionality on the front-end to actually work. For example, when a user submits their username and password to log in to a web app, this information gets sent to the back-end for authentication. Then the back-end would check a database containing user credentials to verify the login information was correct, and send a confirmation response to the front-end. As a result, things are getting much simpler for mobile app developers.

Web forms bridge the communication gap between the company/organization and users. They are an easy way for users to make inquiries, contact customer service, submit data, and create accounts. In addition, frontend developers design and develop with many of the most popular and most used browsers in mind.

Frontend and backend

The back-end is the code that runs on the server, that receives requests from the clients, and contains the logic to send the appropriate data back to the client. The back-end also includes the database, which will persistently store all of the data for the application. This article focuses on the hardware and software on the server-side that make this possible. In general, a web designer uses Photoshop and other tools to create the graphics, typography, and visual layouts for websites or web apps.

PayScale reports that full-stack developers earned an average annual salary of $81,902 as of March 2023. When developing custom websites or programs, the backend is of utmost importance since it will be the engine that makes everything work. Knowledge of web services or API is also important for full stack developers. Knowledge of creations and consumption of REST and SOAP services is desirable.

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